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“After years of doctors prescribing me pills for my chronic back pain, I was finally sent to Dr. Tavel’s Office and it has been life changing! He showed me other alternatives to help with the pain such as a good back brace and a Tac Unit and a few shots in the lower spine. I also went from 5 pills a day to 1, plus my patch! He and his staff offered me hope for a better quality of life, and showed me that I no longer have to suffer in pain everyday of my life. (And no threat to being addicted to pain killers!) What an awesome, caring, informative office. Recommend them to anyone who felt like I did before seeing Dr. Tavel!”

“Everyone was very friendly and courteous. Looking forward to my next appointment!”

“It was such a relief to have a doctor who engaged me, and was patient enough to explain what my procedure was and what the prognosis was. I was able to relax and have confidence in what he was doing, and have hope for the future.”

“The treatment I have received at Pain Specialists of Charleston has been life changing. Thank you all!”

“Everyone is so nice, and Dr. Tavel is awesome! Great care. Kind and compassionate staff!”

“If you’re sick of being in pain and your current treatment isn’t working, do yourself a favor and see Dr. Tavel and his Staff! Choosing Dr. Tavel is your first step in the right direction! You won’t find a more honest, caring, and compassionate Doctor or Staff…anywhere! I can’t imagine my life without Pain Specialists of Charleston!”

“The doctors really listened to what I was saying and came across as genuinely concerned and willing to logically figure out what is wrong with me.”

“Amazing the help Dr. Tavel provided for my back with the injections he gave in the past. For the first time in 20 years, I am pain free!”

“Thank you all SO much for the wonderful care you gave me. You ARE pain specialists and mine is almost gone. I feel so much better. Thank you!”

“I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone at Pain Specialists for your professionalism, patience, understanding and overall care for my issues at this trying time in my life. Words cannot express how thankful I am knowing that I have a team that I can truly count on when things get really bad for me. You all go above and beyond in your approach and deliver on all of my expectations. I am certainly blessed. Thank you all many times over!”

“Five stars!  Great doctor and providers. All very friendly and fast.”

“I want to communicate how very pleased I am with the therapy that Kristen provides. It took me “forever” to find a therapist as good as Kristen. She is absolutely outstanding – with Kristen’s therapy, I can better manage my chronic pain that I have.”

“I would tell anyone who has pain problems to come to this office.”

“If I could recommend any pain specialist to anyone in the world, there IS only ONE place to go and that’s to Pain Specialist of Charleston. I’ve been coming to see Dr. Tavel for many years now and it doesn’t matter what problem I have, everyone in the office makes me feel better instantly!”

“Hands down the best doctor I’ve had since I’ve been sick. The entire staff is compassionate, accommodating, and eager to help with ANY issue that arises. My life has definitely improved since becoming a patient at PSOC. Thank you guys, for all you do!”

“Out of all the specialist I have Dr. Tavel’s staff by far exceeds all expectations of being professional and showing interest of the patient’s well being.”

“I was seeing a pain specialist in West Ashley and I was told there was nothing else she could do for me. I was beyond frustrated especially since I’ve been battling severe lower back pain since 1996. I heard good things about Dr. Tavel and wanted to see if he could do anything to help me. I am so happy to be seeing Dr. Tavel now and trying new things to help with my severe lower back pain. I would definitely refer anyone and everyone to him. Thank you for helping me. Keep up the good work and stay awesome.”

“I have suffered with chronic low back pain for as long as I can remember; seeing numerous doctors but not getting any relief. I was referred to Dr. E. Tavel by my primary care provider and I am so happy. I met with Dr. Tavel on my first visit and he is really nice and knows what he is doing. I was immediately sent for an MRI and a nerve study was done. Dr. Tavel performed my first injection on Tuesday, February 21st and the pain relief has been better than expected. Any amount of relief beats chronic pain!”

“I had my 2nd round of injections in my back to help relieve the pain from a bulging disc. I was in and out in less than an hour, no problem. Great service from start to finish.”

“I have nothing but good things to say about Pain Specialist of Chas. They were quickly able to discover source of my pain and immediately begin treatment. Appointment times were spot on and in fact my treatment appt was avail 1 hour earlier than scheduled due to organized staff. Dr. Tavel was very thorough in his explanation of the condition and informatively comforting in outlining a treatment plan. I am happy to say I look forward to my next treatment appt and feeling back to normal soon. A big thank you to Dr. Tavel and his staff.”

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What People Say About Us

Bill G.

I was in a car accident and went in for an MRI and went in recently for massage therapy. The massage therapist was the best I’ve had.

Topper H.

Went in after having a back injury from working out. Did a fantastic job explaining to me the underlying and residual issues and how that translated to what I was feeling in a day to day basis

Debbie S.

I absolutely LOVE this practice!!!! I have seen 4 different Doctors, for both pain and neurology, and I adore each and everyone of them! There was NOT one of them that didn’t treat me as a person, not a number.

Jo A.

I had two surgeries on my back for major crush injuries and degenerative disc problems and was referred. I almost felt like we were friends instead of just having a doctor-patient relationship. Very friendly, with a wonderful laid-back nature.

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