September is Pain Awareness Month! What does that mean? It means we want to share with you information on how prevalent and wide spread chronic pain is. We will also be sharing tips and ways patients can help cope and treat their pain. Did you know about one in 10 Americans experience some form of pain regularly?

According to a recent survey from the US National Institutes of Health, about 23.4 American adults experience a lot of pain. Other findings show:

  • Women, older individuals and non-Hispanics were more likely to report any pain
  • Severity of pain could be associated with race, ethnicity, gender, and age.
  • Adults that reported the most severe pain had worse health, used more health care services, and had more disability. Half of those adults with severe pain did report themselves as having overall good health

I Suffer From Chronic Pain, How do I deal?

There are a surprising number of people who live with daily pain and believe that it is something they have to accept and live with. The best approach to chronic pain management is to address the issues at hand. Finding the right treatment plan for you is the first step to improving your overall pain and daily life. There are also lifestyle changes that can be made such as adding exercise and activities to your routine. It is important for your physical and mental health to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of injury and pain and keep current problems under control.

Tips For Managing Pain Health

  1. See a specialist to manage your treatment
  2. Exercise every day- even if it means walking around the neighborhood!
  3. Add stretching to your daily routine
  4. Try medical massage therapy to help ease the pain

If you are experiencing chronic pain like the millions in America, see your doctor or a specialist to begin a road to living a healthier and less painful life! Pain Specialists of Charleston offers many different treatment options, to contact them call 843-818-1181 !