Consumer’s Choice Health Plan, an insurance carrier within the Healthcare Exchange, has made the decision to no longer cover Cervical, Lumbar or Thoracic Epidural Injections.

As an interventional pain practice, we are greatly disappointed in this policy and the impact it will ultimately have on our patients and their associated treatment plans.

We have expressed our frustration with Consumer’s Choice Health Plan and invite you to do the same:

  • Consumers’ Choice Health Plan
  • Telephone: 800-580-8736 (Toll Free)
  • Mail: 4995 Lacross Road, Suite 1300 North Charleston, SC 29406
  • Website:

As a private practice, we pride ourselves on offering quality care at an affordable cost – regardless of insurance carriers. With that mission in mind, we are able to offer Consumer’s Choice Health Plan customers access to the above referenced procedures at a discounted self-pay rate.  To learn more about this coverage and rates, please call our Billing Department at 843-818-1181, option #5.