The specialty practice of Pain Management is a fairly new addition to the repertoire of the medical field. While there is an indispensable need for this expertise with Chronic Pain affecting over 11% of the population each year, we realize that this field requires vigilance, extensive clinical knowledge, and ethical responsibility on behalf of its physicians. More importantly, our owner and leading physician, Dr. Edward Tavel knows this through his 25 years of experience working in this field since its beginning.

At Pain Specialists our goal is to provide ETHICAL, SAFE, and EFFECTIVE pain management solutions to our patients. Our board certified physicians use a multi-faceted approach to focus on long-term pain relief and rehabilitation through our interventional treatment options without the need for surgery or habit forming drugs.

To ensure our patient’s safety, our practice holds ourselves to both, high regulatory and ethical standards in regard to our treatment and prescribing methods. Dr. Tavel and the rest of our physician staff participate in mandatory DHEC training concerning the safe handling of controlled substances and contribute to a continuous, medical review dialogue within our practice.

We are proud to have Dr. Tavel represent our practice as a member of The Medical Safety Review Board for South Carolina. Dr. Tavel was recognized and selected for this position due to his strict operating guidelines employed within PSC and his conservative best practices for ensuring safe pain management treatment.

Our first concern is, and will always be, patient safety and satisfaction. We welcome any feedback, comments, questions, or concerns on this very important and on-going dialogue.