Summertime is usually a time of enjoyable activities and vacations  with family and friends. You want to get away from your usual schedule to relax and enjoy a new place or even activities in your own town you never have time for. No one wants to worry about back pain.

Some summer activities such as golfing, boating, beach volleyball, and even transporting your suitcase before the adventure even begins, can lead to back pain or injury. It is important to remember proper body techniques to avoid those back injuries. Here are some suggestions to avoid back pain when enjoying your summer:

-Bend at the knees when lifting objects, not the waist

-Try to keep your shoulders and waist square while lifting

-Try to only lift what your body is capable of lifting

-If you decide something is too heavy, ask someone to assist

-Remaining physically active and strengthening core muscles will also help prevent injury

-Do not over-exert your self or back when playing golf or enjoying water sports

Back pain is a common concern and complaint. Accidents and injuries can happen at any time, even during enjoyable activities. There is help available to relieve back pain and as with any pain, if your back pain is severe enough to limit your daily activities, it is probably time to see a physician.