Falling asleep can be hard for just about anyone but falling asleep when you suffer from back pain can makes it quit difficult. Those that live with chronic back pain tend to sleep in a much lighter state, making them susceptible to waking up more often throughout the night. Studies have shown at least 1/3 of back pain sufferers awake and get out bed at least once during the night. This can cause your body to not get the full “recharge” it needs to fully function the next day. Here are a few tips you can try out to help you get those extra hours you need.

#1: Positioning Your Body

How you sleep is important. Make sure you are maintaining your natural curves of your spine when finding a comfortable position to sleep. It is best to not sleep on your stomach, it can cause neck pain and place your spine in an unnatural position. Figuring out how your body will respond to different positions can be helpful if you are aware of what condition you may suffer from.

#2: More Movement, Less Sitting

I know most posts mention this for many health reasons but being active during the day keeps your body from becoming stiff. If you can, try to stand at your desk instead of sitting all day, this can help maintain a good posture and take stress off of your back. When you lie down at night, you will find more comfort in the position you sleep.

#3: Find A Happy Sleep Spot

If you have an older mattress or an area that dips down, it is most likely not going to support your back. Use mattress pads or different items to create multiple levels of firmness to find your natural comfort. Find the right place on your mattress can help with positioning your spine.