Osteoarthritis affects at least 27 million Americans and knee osteoarthritis may afflict as many as 1 in 2 people at some point in their lives. Many risk factors include joint injuries, joint overuse, obesity, family history and aging just to name a few. The painful and often debilitating joint condition is the most common form of arthritis. Below are a few tips to help you prevent and cope with osteoarthritis.


  • Achieve a healthy weight to take a load off your joints
  • Do exercises to strengthen muscles around joints
  • Use assistive devices like a knee brace or cane to ease the burden on your knees
  • Do low-impact aerobic exercises such as water exercises or biking
  • If you are an athlete, learn specific techniques to protect your muscles and joints


  • Participating in yoga can help strengthen muscles and maintain balance
  • Water-based exercises such as swimming, walking in water and water aerobics are good ways to work out while taking it easy on joints
  • Make sure you have proper support in your shoes
  • Make adjustments to your home and work space to accommodate your needs
  • AVOID heavy lifting

These are just a few ways to practice prevention and help cope with the pain and discomfort from osteoarthritis. In order to better understand your needs, see a doctor at the first signs of pain.